Patent Agents

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) does not recommend individual patent agents, but it does strongly recommend that "all prospective applicants retain the services of a registered patent attorney or patent agent to prepare and prosecute their applications."

While a patent agent is not required to be an attorney at law, patent agents do have to meet other certain requirements in order to become registered by the USPTO. They must pass a required exam and show that they have the necessary legal, and scientific and technical qualifications to work as a patent agent. They must also be of "good moral character and repute."

Finding Patent Agents

Below are some ways to find a patent agent:

(1) Use this searchable listing of Registered Attorneys and Patent Agents from the USPTO. Use the specialized search boxes to find patent agents in a particular state or to search by the name of the patent agent, city, or zip code.


(2). The National Association of Patent Practioners (NAAP) site allows you to search its membership by state and by specialty area such as "biotech," "nanotechnology," or "software." Many NAAP members are patent agents.

(3) An additional way to find patent agents is by using this Database of patent attorneys, patent firms, and patent agents compiled from recently published patent applications.

Why should you hire a patent agent? This great video explains why.

5 Reasons to Hire a Patent Attorney or Patent Agent

See the USPTO web page "Attorneys and Agents" for more information about patent agents.

Patent Agent State Listings

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