Inventor Associations

Inventor Associations are a great source of help for inventors who want to patent an invention. Associations can be found at the national, state, or local level.

  • A good starting place for identifying inventor associations is the United Inventor's Association ,a non-profit organization. "The mission of the UIA is to provide leadership, support, and services to inventor support groups as well as to other organizations and individuals interested in continuing America's role as the World's leader in innovation and invention."
  • Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) libraries may also have information on state and local inventor organizations (see the PTRC Library Directory.)

California Inventors Association

Northern California
Inventors Alliance
Idea to Market Network

Southern California:
Inventor's Forum

Los Angeles:
Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association

Southern California:
Orange County Patent Law Association

San Diego:
San Diego Inventors Forum

Connecticut Inventors Associations

Inventors Association of Connecticut

Michigan Inventors Associations

Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan

Grand Rapids Inventors Network (GRIN)

Oregon Inventors Associations

South Coast Inventor's Group