How to Find a Patent Attorney in Oregon

  • Here is the Oregon list of Registered Attorneys and Agents.
  • Another comprehensive and well-known directory of lawyers is the Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Directory. It also allows you to search for attorneys specializing in patent law and provides profiles and peer review ratings of lawyers. Martindale-Hubbell also compiles a list of the top ten law firms based on the total number of U.S. patents granted during the past two years.
  • PatentBuddy is a commercial site that also provides a searchable directory of attorneys. In addition to contact information, the directory also provides additional information about a patent attorney's work history with the USPTO.

Search Google for additional ways of finding patent attorneys in Oregon or in cities in Oregon. Here are some examples. (Use quotes to make the search more targeted.)

"Patent Attorneys" "Portland, OR"

Attorneys "Intellectual Property" Oregon

Attorneys patents "Eugene, Oregon"

Attorney "Patent Law" Oregon

"Patent Lawyer" Oregon

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