Help for Inventors in Indiana

There are many sources of help for inventors who want to patent an invention. On the Patent Search Information site, see particularly the Patent Search Process, U.S. Patent Databases, U.S. Manual of Classification, Classification Definitions, and U.S. Official Gazette pages.

Some additional starting points for inventors:

  • The USPTO operates the Inventors Assistance Center, which answers general questions and gives out general patent information, refers inventors to other USPTO staff, and helps in filling out forms.

  • The USPTO Inventors Resources Web Site includes a lot of specific information regarding patents and the patenting process.

  • The PatentCafe™ is a well-respected site. It includes information on every aspect of patenting for inventors.

  • The United Inventor's Association is a non-profit organization. "The mission of the UIA is to provide leadership, support, and services to inventor support groups as well as to other organizations and individuals interested in continuing America's role as the World's leader in innovation and invention."

The Inventor's Bible: How to Market and License Your Brilliant Ideas

Indiana Inventors Associations

"The Indiana Inventors Association is a group whose members are inventors, engineers, small business owners and others. They publish an informative monthly newsletter which offers interesting articles along with the announcement of the program for the next monthly membership meeting. These educational programs about inventing, patenting, marketing, venture capital, etc. are dinner meetings held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30. For information about the meeting site or membership in the Association, please contact Dave Zedonis, the President of the club, by e-mail at or call Randall Redelman at 317-733-0578 or Robert Brand at 317-823-0175. "


Indiana Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries



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