Patent Sites for Collectors

Patents are very useful tools for collectors who want to know more about the items they are collecting. Individual sections of the Patent Search Information Site detail how to find patents using free resources on the Web.

Another helpful approach is to find web sites where someone else has already done the research to locate the patents for collectible and antique items. Some examples of these kinds of sites are listed below.

See also the the U.S. Patent Issue Years/Numbers page--a quick guide to locating the year a patent was issued when you find a patent number on a collectible item.


Here are some sites that have already compiled lists of patents for collectibles:

Design Patents for Bottles
Ink Bottle Design Patents
More 1920s Designer Sodas

Calculator Related Patents

Cameras and Photography
Photographic Technology Patents

Dairy Items
Doug and Linda's Antique Site: Butter Churns, Milk Bottles & Cream Separators

To find additional similar pages as these, trying doing a search on Google, using the following format:

"name of antique or collectible" patents

for example:

"cut glass" patents

"fountain pens" patents

(Note: use the quotes around the name of the item you are searching for to get more specific results.)

See also Patents for Collectors.

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Cut Glass Design Patents Awarded William Anderson
Cambridge Glass Patent Information

Insulators--Early Patents
Insulator Historical Timeline

Lights and Lighting
U.S. Patents for Fairy Lamps & Lights: Samuel B. Clarke, 1884 - 1908
kilokat's Antique Light Bulb Site Patent Archive
Kerosene Lantern Patent Research Page

Coro Design Patents
Jewelry Patents
Vintage Costume Jewelry Patents
Patents for Vintage Jewelry

Classic Camp Stoves

Toaster Patent Information

Directory of American Tool and Machinery Patents
American Patented Brace Database
Wrench Patents
Early Corn Sheller Patents
American Grain Cradle Patents
Cow Milker Patents
Selected Tool Patents
Catalogue of American Patented Antique Tools

See also the Engines of Ingenuity Slideshow for some great photos of patented tools.

Star Wars Toy Design Patents
Tiddlywinks Patents


Flower Frog Patents

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